About us

Mediafon is a telecommunications company, part of one of the largest corporations in the Baltic States €žMG Baltic. Our company's main activity concern the provision of wholesale call transfer services, fixed and mobile telephone services, technical maintenance solutions for value added SMS, fraud prevention and specialized number portability solutions.Established in 1998 under private capital funding, the company began its activities by offering technical maintenance for value added calls.

In 2001 the Company discovered new market – technical maintenance services for value added SMS and gained a solid reputation in this field. Nowadays, over a 100 Lithuanian commercial enterprises are using our intelligent value added services. Mediafon is also one of the largest alternative fixed operators and telecommunication service providers in Lithuania. 

Since 2003 the company has been providing wholesale telecommunication services to more than 150 Lithuanian and foreign operators. According to the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania, our company has a firm position among the leaders of the Lithuanian telecommunication market based on the call volumes we handle and the income earned from these operations. 

Since 2010 Mediafon has been providing specialized package of number portability (NP) services and after NP implementation in Georgia, has become the first Lithuanian and the only Baltic States company to have successfully implemented such a project abroad. Presently Mediafon’s branches provide number portability Centre administrator services in Azerbaijan and Moldova. Mediafon also provides number portability solution NUMLEX for the Central NP database administrators of theRussian Federation, El Salvador, Senegal, Lithuania and Kazakhstan.

In January 2013 Mediafon launched its fraud prevention services, which have already been favored by several operators from the Eastern European world with over 50 million subscribers. Telecommunications fraud is a problem that affects operators all around the world. Operators know that fraud cannot be completely eradicated. The solution to deal with this problem is to minimize the damages and cut down losses by detecting fraud situations as early as possible.

We provide multiple solutions for operators to fight bypass fraudsters in their network. Our key is good understanding what methods are being used by fraudsters to avoid fraud management systems used by operators. Having this in mind we focus to improve those fraud management systems by offering our services additionally to existing ones. We are delivering antifraud services for more than 7 years and over this period we gained a lot of experience and "know-how" on both integration into operators network and how fraudsters are stealing money sides. 

Please contact us by e-mail fraudmanagement@mediafon.lt if you need additional information about Mediafon fraud prevention services.