We focus on new generation Bypass Fraud detection methods by analyzing used mechanizms by fraudsters for avoiding CDR, BTS or even International Test call detection tools.

Fraud Prevention Services
Test Call Generation (TCG) service

Simple fast and very easy to implement method to detect SIM Boxes or fixed connections. It is based on test calls generation internationally to operators target numbers. By comparing sent and received A numbers during international cycle of a call it is possible to detect any fraudable line in the network.

Changed A number detection service

If you bill international incoming minutes depending on the country from witch the call arrives - our A number verification service is what you need! The service in real-time verifies the caller and gives you the information was the A number changed or not. Having this information you can not only monitor but also make conditional routing, or even blocking calls with incorrect caller numbers.

Sim Box additional charge service

This is additional service to our TCG platform. Once we find Sim Box - why shouldn't we charge those SIM's additionally before blocking? It works on mobile networks and this is the fastest way to make fraudster "business" unprofitable.

OTT bypass detection

OTT players carries more and more international minutes directly to their applications without caller, operator knowing or allowing it. Our OTT By-Pass service integrates to operators network allowing you to react on dynamics of OTT IP traffic.

Central interconnect service

If you have your own testing platform, CDR analyzers and all tools for managing fraud - maybe you should look at our Central interconnect service. Service is specially dedicated to push test calls to your networks backwards using those interconnects what we have.

Foreign network testing

We can offer testing nodes in foreign GSM or PSTN networks. If an operator has to have testing results from desired foreign network - we can install specific nodes for continuous testing. This gives an operator view of how foreign operator is terminating it's traffic home network.